Friday, August 5, 2011


Welcome to Orthodox Michigan! At this point this blog is a private endeavor, but as time goes on I hope to network with the many parishes, missions, and monastic communities that together make up the Orthodox Church in Michigan to post the history of Orthodoxy in our state, the ministries and outreaches of our Orthodox Church here, and information about the assorted events organized or hosted by Michigan's Orthodox churches.

This blog seeks to be representative of all of Orthodoxy in Michigan, which I, your writer, take to include the communities in our state belonging to the Local Orthodox Churches both rejecting and accepting the Council of Chalcedon. (The former category including the Armenian and Coptic Orthodox Churches and those in communion with them and the latter category including the Antiochian and Russian Orthodox Churches and their sister churches.) I offer you my condolences if you have a problem with that, but nonetheless this blog seeks to fairly represent all of Michiganian Orthodoxy, not just a particular faction of it.

It's been a busy summer and it'll soon be getting busier for me, so I'll be placing greater priority on organizing this blog and less on posting for the time being. If you have anything at all to contribute, then please do so by commenting on this or any future posts! Thank you for stopping in!

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